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Joyce’s Review


Seven Days in June

Seven Days in June is a hot romance novel detailing the love story of Genevieve Mercier AKA Eva Mercy and Shane Hall. This is one of the best romance stories I have read in a while, and I applaud Tia Williams for her masterful development of the characters in this novel. 

For those of you who hopeless romantics, this is the novel for you because it has all the makings of a great romance---two troubled spirits with an ineffable connection, hoping for their happily ever after, while also battling past hurts that threaten to sabotage their relationship.

I think the readers will fall in love with Eva, who is a divorced single mother, working hard to provide her daughter Audre with the support and stability she never received from her own mother. Additionally, Shane is also a lovable character once you go beyond his thick exterior and self-destructive nature. Despite all his faults, the care and support he shows to his troubled teens he teaches clues us in to the fact that he has a big heart.

Shane wants to do right by Eva, but in order to do that, he must first deal with his insecurities and abandonment issues. How does their love story end? You’ll have to read to find out!

Checkout a video of our illustrated summary and book review below:

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