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Start Writing

It may seem obvious, but if there is a story you’ve always wanted to write or information that you’ve always wanted to share in a book, the first step in accomplishing the goal is to actually begin writing. This is the advice I give people every time they tell me that they have a story they are interested in writing and just don’t know where to start.

When I say start, it doesn’t have to be as formal as typing your thoughts down in Microsoft Word. I understand that most people don’t even have the software in their computers. Waiting to buy a word document would be just another impediment that will prevent you from beginning your writing journey.

Here’s my advice: start by jotting down your thoughts in the notes app of your phone or even the old fashion way by putting pen to paper. You can also record your thoughts using the voice memo app on your phone. I believe that what is most important is that you always have your writing tools available because you never known when you may become inspired.

Another option for iPhone users would be to use the “Paper” app to write down your thoughts/ideas. Alternatively, you can download the google docs app on your phone if you have a Gmail account, or you can even write emails to yourself from your phone.

If you follow my advice, I assure you that bringing your thoughts to life by recording or writing your thoughts down will inspire more ideas! If you’re consistent in getting your thoughts down, before you know it, you’ll have great content for your book!

How to start the process

  • Write/record your thoughts/ideas

  • Be consistent in recording your thoughts/ideas

  • Have your writing/recording instruments available at all times

Tools you can use to get your ideas down

  • Microsoft word

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Google Docs

  • Pages app (iPhone)

  • Apps on your phone

  • Voice memo

  • Notes app

  • Write emails to yourself

  • Use a paper and pen

I hope this was helpful. In our next blog post, we will be providing you with advice on how to organize your writing.

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