Seven Days in June: Top 5 Writing Tips

For those of you out there who love romance novels, Seven Days in June is the novel for you! I was initially drawn to this novel because it depicted the love story of two writers. I was all for the artistic love, and fortunately, I was not disappointed!

If you'd like to know more about the novel before reading these writing tips, check out our summary: Now, back to our Top Five Writing Tips:

1. Be Original and create memorable characters.

Growing up, we have all been exposed to love stories with dynamic characters that stay with us even in our adulthood. As children, we read stories like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and last but certainly not least, Romeo and Juliet. We remember these stories because they featured strong characters with whom we could relate at some level. As such, when writing your romance story/novel, ask yourself, are my characters memorable?

2. Use flashbacks strategically to propel the story.

When writing a romance novel, or any novel in general, always try to find a way to incorporate flashbacks in your story to build up the different scenes that you are introducing. Tia Williams did this masterfully; her strategic flashback placements really elevated the story.

3. Add some humor in your story.

Most of us like to be amused (if you don’t I’m sorry, consider finding a way to change that). Therefore, I recommend that you use humor in your romance novel to lighten the mood, especially if your novel, like Seven Days in June, touches on tense topics.

4. Build up sexual tension for an explosive intimate moment between the characters.

For those writers who do not specialize in the erotica genre and are apprehensive about adding sex scenes in their stories, I’m here to tell you that sex sells! But in all seriousness, when done right, sex scenes can be one of the most memorable parts of a novel. I’m not saying go 50 Shades of Grey with it, but a great sex scene is imperative in my opinion. You may ask, what makes a sex scene great?----The buildup that you create by sprinkling in those sexual tension filled scenes that keep your readers at the edge of their seats!

5. Tease readers as to whether the characters will end up together.

There is no one great way to end a novel. Some may think that following the happily ever framework that we’ve read in many romance classics may seem cliche, but that is not always the case. When writing the ending of your romance novel, let the story write itself, and choose the path that works best for the story---don’t way about what naysayers may say. You are the master of your story!