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Summer on the Bluffs

When I first read the description of this novel, and saw that part of the novel takes place in Oaks Bluffs, a location within Martha’s Vineyard, bougie, was the first word that came to mind. Also, I was expecting a lot of scandalous revelations, and I was not disappointed. The secrets revealed will leave your jaw on the floor!


As I was reading this novel, I could not help but to think of the children’s classic, Cinderella. While Cinderella had her fairy godmother, Perry, Olivia, and Billy have Ama. Ama and her husband, Omar, chose the girls to be their goddaughters when they were in their pre-teens, and from then on, they provided them with an opulent lifestyle that they would not have had otherwise--from fancy trips to a fully funded education for each.  


The mystery throughout the novel is why Ama and Omar chose these three young ladies to godparent, and boy o boy do we find out why at the end of the novel when Ama reveals all. 

Through Ama’s revelations, Sunny shows readers the sacrifices a woman must make when she decides to not be restrained by the expectations that society sets for her. Do me a favor and ask yourself this questions when you finish reading the novel: Was Ama selfish?


Checkout a video of our illustrated summary and review below!

Joyce’s Review

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