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His Only Wife

For those of you out there who love romance novels, this is a must-read! As it relates to romantic relationships, we have all heard the saying, "three is a crowd." However, what happens when a woman finds herself in a relationship where she has to contend with not just another woman, but also, her man's overbearing family?

  In this unlikely romance novel, the protagonist, Afi, is a beautiful, intelligent, but slightly naive woman who wants her man, the handsome Elikem, all to herself. Elikem, however, just cannot seem to leave his past relationship behind. This novel had me questioning the value of being a "wife" when the husband's heart is with someone else. 

Also, Afi and Elikem's romance led me to think about my boundaries in a romantic relationship, as I questioned whether I would stay with a man who checked all boxes except for one that calls for faithfulness. 

Joyce’s Review

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