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Image of our Founder and CEO, Joyce Nkengasong

Because Representation is Powerful

I created this company in August 2020 during the publication process of my first novel, Respect Yourself. My main goal in founding this company is to publish books that use storytelling to highlight underrepresented cultures in our society.


Considering that Nkengasong Press is still in its infancy stage, welcoming its first publication, Respect Yourself, in March 2021, we do not have the capacity to solicit books for publication. However, in creating this company, it was my goal that in the near future, Nkengasong Press will have the capability to publish thought-provoking books from other authors whose work highlight underrepresented cultures in our society.

In the meantime, keep a look-out for my upcoming books, and check out our Author-Read-Tea podcast, providing you with book reviews and summaries, and speaking about the lives of the most influential authors in our society, with a storyteller's flare. Also, for those of you who are interested in publishing a book, checkout our "For Writers Blog," where we motivate you to start writing, and provide you with writing tips to help you write and publish that book. If there is any content you'd like to see that is not already covered on this website, please let us know by using the comment box below. 



Peace & Love,

Joyce Nkengasong 

Founding of Nkengasong Press

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